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AgileSoDA’s paper on Reinforcement Learning adopted in NeurIPS 20/11/29

AgileSoDA submitted a paper on Reinforcement Learning to NeurIPS (International Society for Neural Information Processing Systems) and announced that it was adopted for the Finance Sector Workshop. NeurIPS is an AI conference that was founded in 1986 and is recognized as the world’s highest authority in the field of AI research.

The paper submitted by AgileSoDA is about an in-depth decision-making framework for fraud detection based on Reinforcement Learning. When the proposed framework is used, there is a 7.5% improvement observed in performance and the framework shows higher accuracy than the best existing algorithm. This is an accomplishment by AgileSoDA’s researchers and proves that the technological capabilities of AI startups in Korea are top-notch. AgileSoDA is planning to file Korean and international patents for a core algorithm related to reward setting automation, which is the most significant output from the paper. The algorithm will also be applied to AgileSoDA’s own product, BakingSoDA.
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