Privacy Policy
We, AgileSoDA (hereinafter referred as ‘company’), value the privacy of your information,
so in order to protect that,in compliance to both [The Act on Promotion of Information and Communications
Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.] and [The Personal Information Protection Act],
we have established/ announcing the following Privacy Policy.
The company will put out a notice on our website (or individually)
if we revise our personal information processing policy.
Article 1: category of information collected and the collection method ① Categories of information collected 1. Online Recruitment

Collected Information(Required Information) : Full name, Birthdate, Nationality, Email address, Phone Number, Education, Career(position), Address, Military service( not required if unserved), photo, Veteran pension eligibility( veteran number required if eligible), Disability status, Certificates, Family status, Portfolio, Password

Collection Method: Homepage(Application form)

2. Registration and Upkeep

Collected Information
(Required Information) : Email(ID), Password, Full name, Birthdate, Phone number, Affiliation ( Company or College/University), Nationality
(Optional Information) : Project Name, Department, Position/job, Field of work

Collection Method: Homepage (Registration)

Registration criteria (Age limit): teenagers 14 and below are ineligible, due to company policy and for service purposes

3. Handling service enquiries/Customer complaints

Collected Information
(Required Information) : Email(ID), Password, Full name, Phone Number,

Affiliation/department(Company, College/University), Nationality (Optional Information) : Company Name, Office phone number, Official position, Country, Project Name

4. Event entries and marketing ( collected only from consenting customers)

Collected Information (Optional Information) : Full name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Telephone Number, Affiliation( Company, College/University )

Collection Method : Homepage ( optional consent choice when registering ), Event Application

5. Installation and operation of automatic information collection software

IP address, MAC address, Computer host name, Browser information, Website domain name references, Traffic pattern, Service usage record, Visitation history (Does not gather customer’s personally identifiable information. It is only used to improve the website and provide a smoother service)

Collection Method: Installation and operation of automatic information collection software

② Collection Method

The company collects information through the following methods

Homepage (Registration, Applications), Event applications, Email/Phone (Service enquiries/Customer complaints), Installation and operation of automatic information collection software

Article 2. Collection and Utilization of information

The company collects personal information in the same way listed:

1. Online Recruitment – Proceeding with Screening, Revising job application, Confirming hiring, Establishing smooth communication lines with job applicants, and confirming they meet qualifications and requirements for employment (Education, Work Experience/history)

2. Registration and Upkeep- Distinguishing users, Identity Verification, Intention to register, and use of age-restricted service

3. Service enquiries/Customer complaints – Identifying and confirming the exact details of inquiries, Answering Inquiries, proceeding with answers to inquiries, Sending answers, Forwarding disclaimers, notifying service changes, Improving inappropriate use of the system, and establishing smooth communication lines with enquirers

4. Event entries and marketing – Offering and delivering services and products, Delivering advertising for seminars and events, specializing services and advertising according to demographic, sending webzine mail

5. Installation and operation of automatic information collection software – Analysis and solving homepage problems, providing a smooth homepage service

Article 3. The retention and use of personal information

The Customer’s personal information is kept and used from the date of collection to the day the customer unregisters or the purpose of collecting the information has been fulfilled. Once the customer request the deletion of his/her information or when it has fulfilled its purpose, the data is destroyed with no delays and no exceptions. The personal information collected from job applications are destroyed after a year from submission. However, changes will be applied according to relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4. Procedures/Methods on the destruction of personal information

In principle, the company destroys the customer’s personal information once it becomes unnecessary. However, exceptions will be made when needed, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and the relevant information will be separated from the rest and stored separately.

2. Disposal Procedure: The company select personal information that has reached grounds for destruction, then destroys it after gaining approval the company’s personal information manager.

3. Disposal Method: Personal Information printed on paper will be shredded or incinerated, personal information recorded and stored in electronic format will be deleted with technical methods that will not allow it to be restored or recovered.

Article 5. Use of personal information for other than the stated purposes, supplying third parties

The company only uses the collected information for the previously stated purposes and does not provide the information to third parties.
However, exceptions are made in the following cases.

1. When the customer gives separate consent

2. When the customer gives separate consent

3. When it is processed to be non-identifiable, it is provided for statistical purposes

Article 6. Entrustment of collected personal information

The company entrusts personal information to the following external company to help the company’s performance.

The details of the external company and the consignment of the company collected personal information is the following.

Trustee: Quicktopia post office

Consignment details: Goods delivery and mail management

Duration of the management and use of the personal information: Until the end of the consignment or until the information is no longer necessary

Supplied items: Full name, Address, Phone Address

Article 7. The rights of the customer/legal representative and methods to exercise them

Customers and legal representatives may request to view, revise, delete, or suspend the processing (hereinafter referred to as “reading, etc.”) their personal information.
If they want to read their personal information, after personal verification they may directly contact our personal information manager through mail, phone, or email to start the process and the company will act without delay.

If a customer or legal representative requests the deletion or revision of personal information, the information will not be used or sent out until the process is over.

Customers may withdraw their consent to the collection, use and sending out of their personal information at any time, they also have the right to say to us to not process their personal information for marketing purposes. The company will take the necessary measures to make the withdrawal of consent easier than the collection process.

Customers are encouraged to make their personal information as accurate and up to date as possible. The responsibility for accidents caused by false/incorrect entered information will lie with the customer and entering stolen or false information can be grounds for loss of membership.

Customers have the right for their personal information to receive protection, but also have the obligation to protect themselves and not intrude on other’s personal information.
Be careful to not leak your personal information, such as passwords, and take care not to vandalize other’s personal information, such as posts.
If such obligations are not met, and the information of other’s are damaged or violated, you may be punished under the [Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.]

Article 8. Installation, operation, and rejecting automatic information collection software

The company uses cookies, which stores and periodically retrieves the customer’s information. Cookies said to run on the company’s website, but really the server it uses is the customer’s browser by saving itself on the customer’s computer as a very small text file.

Customers have the right to choose whether cookies can be installed on your computer. Furthermore, browsers have the option of automatically accepting or denying all cookies. However, it may be difficulty in providing service if the customer refuses to install the cookie.

[Cookie Installation Method]

Installation Method (Explorer 8.0)
- Select 「Internet options」 from the 「Tools」 menu and click on the 「Privacy」 tab.
- Use 「Settings」 to set the level of cookie usage that is acceptable to you.

Method to viewing cookies received (Explorer 8.0)
- Select 「Internet options」 from the 「Tools」 menu
- Click on the 「General」 tab click on the ‘search history’ setting,
- Check through 「View File」.

[Cookie Installation Rejection Method]

Through this method to reject the installation of cookies, you can either choose to let all cookies automatically install or reject them all.

Example of reject setting (Explorer 8.0)
- Select 「Internet options」 from the 「Tools」 menu
- Use 「Setting」 and set it to the highest level ‘Block all cookies’

Article 9. Technical and administrative measures taken to protect the customer’s personal information.

The company takes the following technical measures to ensure the safety of the customer’s personal information, so that it is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged during processing.

1. The customer’s personal information is password-protected, the files and transfer data is either encrypted or stored separately with a special ‘Lock’ feature.

2. The company uses vaccine programs to prevent damage from computer viruses, the vaccine program is updated periodically, and in the case of a sudden virus outbreak, is furnished with the relevant vaccine as soon as it is available.

3. The company uses a security device (SSL) that uses encryption algorithms to safely transfer personal information on the network.

4. Each server is equipped with intrusion prevention systems and vulnerability analysis systems to make them full safe against external intrusions such as hacking.

5. The company takes the following administrative measures to ensure the safety of the customer’s personal information, so that it is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged during processing.

6. We treat the personal information of the customer as if it were the customer, and only certain people such as marketing and personal information managers have the right to handle personal information, other employees are restricted from handling personal information.

7. Regular in-house and outsourced training is provided for all employees who handle personal information on the new acquisition security techniques and their obligation to protect personal information.

8. We implement an internal security agreement with all employees when they enter the company to make sure they do not leak any personal information of the customer and are committed to our privacy policy. The transfer of duties of personal information managers, due to the employees leaving or entering the company, are handled securely and thoroughly.

9. We do not mix personal information and general date, but rather store them separately through separate servers.

10. The computer and data storage rooms are designated as specially protected areas and access is restricted.

11. The company is not responsible for the customer’s mistakes or situations that arise due to basic internet risks. Each member must take responsibility and properly manage their email (ID) and password.

12. If personal information is lost, leaked, altered, or damaged due to internal managerial or technical mistakes, the company will immediately notify the customer, and provide appropriate measures and compensation.

Article 10. Site link Providing Policy

The company may provide customers links to other companies’ websites or items. If so, the company does not have control over external sites and data, so the company does not take responsibility and cannot vouch for the usefulness of their services. If you click on the link that the company sends and move to another site, the privacy policy of the site is independent of the company’s, so please review the policy of the newly visited site.

Article 11. Post policy

The company values customer posts and protects them from so they don’t get tampered, damaged or deleted. However, except for the following cases:

1. Spam posts (I.E fortune letters, 8billion mail, certain site advertisements, etc.)

2. Malicious posts that spread false information and defames others

3. Unauthorized posting of others’ personal information

4. Posts that violate of the company’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights

5. Posts unrelated to the thread’s topic

6. The company, with the promotion of a good bulletin board culture in mind, may delete or revise certain parts of a post that disclose others’ information without consent. The company may move certain posts to their relevant threads but will notify the movement to ensure there is no confusion.

7. The company may delete the delete then entire post after an explicit and individual warning.

8. Essentially, all rights and responsibilities regarding a post lies with the author. Furthermore, information voluntarily disclosed through posts are not protected, so please be careful when releasing any information.

Article12. Policy against unauthorized email collection

The company does not allow the collection of posted emails through email collection programs or other kinds of software. In case of violation, you may be punished in accordance with the [ Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.]

Article 13. Sending of Advertisement Information

The company does not send for-profit advertisements if the customer explicitly refuses to receive it.
If the customer agrees to the sending of advertisements such as product information guides, or newsletters through email, the company will take the following measures to make the subject line and body of the emails easier to understand for the customer.

1. Email Subject Line

The word (Advertisement) may not appear in the subject line and will reflect the main contents of the email.

2. Email Body

Specify the sender’s name, email, and phone number where the customer can express their refusal of the advertisement

Explain easy methods for customers to express their refusal.

3. The statement (adult advertisement) will be displayed, if the following information, deemed harmful to adolescents, is sent.

If the following items are express in the email in the form of symbols, letters, images, or sounds (cases where it is not explicitly stated but is made to be easily accessible to the reader through technical techniques are included) the statement (adult advertisement) will be shown in the subject line.
- Something suggestive or obscene that could stimulate the sexual desire of an Adolescent (referring to those under the age of 19).
- Something that could cause predatory or criminal impulses to rise in adolescents.
- Something that glorifies or encourages acts of violence, including sexual violence, and the abuse of drugs
- Something decided and tested to be harmful media for teenagers according to the Juvenile Protection Act.

4. If the for-profit advertisement email informs the customer of a homepage that deals with the contents of the above listed items, the statement (Adult advertisement) will be displayed in the subject line of the email. In the case, where the for profit advertisement ifs sent through other mediums than the email, such as fax or mobile text message, we will make sure that the statement (advertisement) is displayed at the beginning, and the senders contact details will be clearly stated somewhere in the contents of the transmission.

Article 14. Personal Information Officers

he company has designated the following employees to protect and manage customer complaints on personal information.

Personal Information Manager

- Full Name: Kim Kyung-soo

- Affiliation: Administration Department

- Position: Director

- Phone Number: (02) 558-8300

- Email: kks@agilesoda..com

Data Administrator

- Full Name: Kim Tae Youn

- Affiliation: Research Institute

- Position: Director of Research

- Phone Number: (02) 558-8300

- Email: klumblr@agilesoda.ai

You may report any personal information related complaints you have while using the company’s services to the department or one of the personal information managers. The company will quickly provide a sufficient response to your complaints.

Article 15. Ways to remedy infringement of your rights

If you need to report or consult about any personal information infringements, please contact the following agency.

1. Personal Information infringement report center (https://privacy.kisa.or.kr/ without area code 118)

2. OPA Privacy (http://www.eprivacy.or.kr 02-580-0533~4)

3. Supreme Prosecutor’s Office’s Internet Crime Investigation Center (http://www.spo.go.kr/ 02-3480-3600)

4. National Cyber Security Police(https://www.police.go.kr 02-392-0330)

Article 16. Changes in Privacy Policy

If there are any additions, deletions, or modifications of the current personal information processing policy, we will notify the contents and the reasons for the change through our homepage at least 10 days before the changes are implemented. However, for important changes such as supplying of personal information to third parties, purpose and collection of information, or retention period are changed, we will ask for the consent of the customers first.

This Privacy Policy will be implemented starting from August 15, 2018.

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